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The Freespace Team


VTOL Aeroplanes

Powered Tethers

ICE Hybrid Petrol - Electric 


Ken King


Managing Director 

Chief Remote Pilot

An accomplished engineer Ken is an innovator in the emerging RPAS industry. He is a multi-disciplined Mechanical & Building Services Engineer with over 15 years experience in high spec commercial building projects. Ken is the Founder & Managing Director of eirobotix a specialist UAV engineering & service provider offering bespoke solutions up to beyond 150kg MTOW.

Holding CASA RePL in multirotor, aeroplane and VTOL / Powered Lift license categories eirobotix is one of the few RPAS operators licensed & approved by CASA permitted to fly platforms >25kg in Australia (RePL, ReOC & specific CASA exemptions).

Aerospace has always been a driving passion in Ken’s life. Being fascinated with space since a child he is involved in the Melbourne Space Program & recently won the 2016 Melbourne NASA SpaceApps competition for conceptual design of a Origami style space saving lightweight storage system currently being evaluated for suitability in the International Space Station.

Leonard Hall

Chief Technical Officer 

Leonard specialises in electromagnetic engineering and has applied his expertise to the Australian and US defence industries. He started his career with his own successful consulting company, Freespace Solutions, and went on to work as the Senior Millimetre Wave Technology Researcher at the Australian Defence Science and Technology Organisation. He is considered one of Australia's leading experts in antenna array design and has extensive experience in the areas of MMIC and RFIC design, mm-wave radar and communications.

Leonard is now the lead control developer of ArduCopter, after designing and writing the multi-rotor control and navigation code and is responsible for its ongoing development. The quality of Leonard's work and his ability to collaborate with a diverse range of similarly talented people has helped make ArduPilot the largest open source autopilot in the world with well over 1 million aircraft currently in operation. Leonard provides tuning and mechanical design support for a range of large industrial multi-rotor projects around the world. He is also regularly invited to speak at conferences and industry events on multi-rotor dynamics and control theory.

100% Australian

All Freespace vehicles, payloads and services are based out of Melbourne.

Systems Design, Research and Development, Testing and Evaluation, Manufacturing and Integration services are entirely Australian.

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